Pre-Settlement Funding Assistance Program for Hurricane Irma Victims

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, a leader in top lawsuit funding services and high-quality customer service, announced that they are going to be providing prompt assistance for all victims of the Hurricane Irma.

Legal-Bay is a lawsuit pre-settlement funding company that provides cash advances to plaintiffs. The cash advances are on a non-recourse basis. It means the plaintiff only needs to repay the advance if the case is successful.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented, “We have opened up our twenty-four-hour approval process for any and all cases that are dealing with the effects of Irma. We already deal with many law firms and plaintiffs in the Florida and Georgia regions, and we are utilizing those contacts to provide immediate assistance to any and all families who qualify for lawsuit funding.”

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Summarized by Natalia Tsar.

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