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IMF Bentham Launches $200 Million Funding Vehicle

IMF BenthamThe Australian litigation funding giant IMF Bentham launched a $200 million investment vehicle to finance United States cases and investments.  Thus Bentham invested $50 million and an unnamed hedge fund invested $150 million.

The IMF Bentham funding vehicle

The funding vehicle was raised by IMF Bentham on behalf of its U.S. subsidiary, Bentham IMF. This is IMF Bentham’s first investment vehicle. Bentham IMF’s CEO stated that the vehicle is indicative of investor confidence in litigation financing and Bentham’s position as a top company in the litigation financing industry.

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UK Litigation Funders Assets Rise 25 Percent Last Year

Recent research revealed the assets of the top 20 UK litigation funders rose 25 percent last year alone.

Their balance sheets totaled £723 last year, up from £575 in 2015. This also represents a 55 percent increase since 2011. The increase coincides with Burford Capital’s recent acquisition of Gerchen Keller Capital, which will total its combine assets at $1.2 billion.

The release of these numbers highlights just how fast the litigation funding industry is growing and becoming recognized as a lucrative investment opportunity.

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English Court of Appeals’ Decision Increases Litigation Funders’ Liability

Last week’s ruling of the English Court of Appeal upheld a High Court
judgment from 2013 forcing the litigation funding companies who
invested in the case of Excalibur Ventures v. Texas Keystone to pay
more than 20 million pounds to the prevailing defendants, two of which were U.S. companies represented by the U.S. counsel, pursuant to the English “loser pays” rule.

The decision serves as a cautionary tale for litigation funders, especially newcomers as was the case in Excalibur, likely requiring more in-depth analysis of claims viability and other due diligence.

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